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Alium is a collective of specialist designers and building contractors who understand that being different, makes a difference. For years people have had to make the most of unreliable building firms who don’t return phone calls, turn up late, leave their stuff everywhere and don’t respect the fact that having builders around can be frustrating. When the job is finished, it often doesn’t quite feel finished.


It’s the simple things, as always, that matter.


A building project should be an exciting journey for you, from the first thought, through to being part of the design, to getting underway and then reaching the all-important destination – the finished place.


Whether at home to create a place for a growing family or to create a home office as we search for a work-life balance. Whether at school to create a place that provides a better environment for your children to learn. Or at a place of work, where so much of our time is spent. We understand that the world is changing fast. With time becoming so valuable to us all, new technologies are being developed every day to make places more comfortable, more efficient, more connected, more enjoyable.


We love to imagine what will be next and so we don’t just look to the horizon, we look beyond the horizon, with you.


why is  Alium different  

Together as we look to the future, putting you and your dreams and aspirations first, we follow a simple and transparent 5 stage process. That way everyone knows what to expect from the relationship between us and you, our suppliers and contractors.







We start with you, our client. We get to know you. We unlock your dreams and aspirations. We Discover what place you want to create and why. We don’t charge for
this stage as this is all about figuring out if we are right for each other. We can provide a rough estimate of what your project may cost to make sure you have the budget
to see it through from start to finish.


Then we work together with you to Design your place. We may introduce you to specialist architects an interior designers. They can provide ideas and advice and seek the necessary permissions and consents to
ensure that the place you want is the place you are allowed to have. This stage will need a budget and will start to shape the overall cost of work you will want to have done, from materials to professional services fees from plant and machinery hire to application fees.


Then we Develop the project plan. This is where everyone needs to be on the same page. Costs, timelines, what’s included (and what’s not), who will be involved, what’s expected and by when.

That keeps everyone on track. It’s our joint blueprint to a successful project. Here we create payment plan milestones to ensure that you can budget for when payments will be needed to allow the project to reach its amazing destination.


Having agreed this, its time to get going and Deliver. Here we bring together the specialists and manage them very closely to the project plan, to the cost plan, to the timetable. It’s a fact that however detailed your plan is, things change. Unforeseen circumstances arise. Additional work is needed. You may well change your mind along the journey and decide that you want your place to be a bit different to what you first thought. This is where flexibility is needed. Ideas evolve and our specialists are agile.


This may mean going back to the project plan and looking at new costs before making changes and then sign off together.


That way everyone is clear and there are no nasty surprises should the cost of the project increase or the timeline gets extended. 


Then when the project is completed and you are really happy with not just your finished place but the journey you have been on, we ask you if you would recommend us.


Our reputation is so important. We know how long it can take to build a great reputation and how quickly it can be destroyed. This creates a bond between us and you.


We know that you will want more places in the future. We want to be with you when you do. We know you will want to know about new innovations and ideas. When we hear about them and try them with our clients, we will share them with you. This is the last of the five D’s.


The Difference.


we do everything we can to be different, for you



We work on places that will make a difference to our clients and our planet. We recognise that as our world heats up, we need to find new ways to provide renewable sources of energy for the places we live, learn and work in.


That might be an extension to create more space; a larger kitchen, an extra bedroom and bathroom for a growing family or an elderly relative. 


It could be a driveway extension to find a place to put that extra car, now that children are at home for longer.


As our client’s working patterns change, we could convert a garage into a cool home office, so it feels like you are off to work, whilst you are still at home. A short commute. Then you can log-off at the end of the day and spend time with family and friends.


Some of our clients have space to create new places for new businesses. From barn conversions for corporate and family functions to breweries for making the next craft beer. From yoga studios for practising mindfulness to Co-working spaces stimulating collaboration.  


We work with schools to create new places for growing classrooms, sport and recreation. Places where children can express and develop their creativity, an increasingly important skill as machine-learning takes over from the more traditional ways of teaching.


We work on social projects to create places that make the difference to people who need help and funding from local authorities.





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